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Tracey's Swinger Ad ( 23yo female from Perth, WA)

Red is for danger, and im certainly a dangerous package for all you swingers! Some of you may know how hot and dirty i really am, but others should take a look at my red hot swinger pictures, and especially my dirty movies.

I appear in lots of sets with my man, and am looking to start appearing with you adult swingers that is why I have done this ad.

Group Swinger Ads Pleasure (33yo female from Warwick, WA)

Me and my swinger bi girl friend relax at home and play with a really nice swinger that we found from putting an adult swingers ad up on RedHotPie.

We both get to suck on his lollipop and then she carries on sucking while I play with her wet pussy! If you want to see more of this great content just look around theres plenty of me on Red Hot Pie. Love from Anne Marie xxxxxx

Gangbang Swinger Ad ( 20yo female from North Perth, WA)

To enjoy a good Gang Bang, you need One or two attractive hot swinger girls, 15 polite and nice men, motivated and full of respect, a nice place where everyone feels at home and a nice buffet. All those conditions were fulfilled last Friday at the greedy girls night in Burswood Swingers Club, so it was a real success.

Just like this event we often hold gangbangs and I'm taking this chance to tell you that we advertise them on this site for all you adult swingers. So check them out and I hope to see you there soon!

Amy swinger ad ( 19yo female from Perth, WA)

Hi guys not posted for a while been too busy, I'm still looking for my first bi experience so if any of you ladies would like to join me in the woods, boyfriend will take some pics and mop our brows!!

Hopefully i will get out more now all the tourists have gone, hopefully i will do a video for you all soon as well with my toys.. Until then if all you hot adult swingers could reply to my ad if you are interested then that would be great! Thanks.
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